Bible Questions and Answers Straight From Scriptures

This bible questions and answers page is not about quizzes or simple questions that you can ask about something or someone in the bible.

It is not questions like:

Who is the mother of Jesus Christ, or what is the name of the wife of Joseph, and so on.

The Bible questions and answers you will find here are far deeper than that.

They touch different areas of life where people are having challenges or where they are not fully sure of what the bible is saying.

Many people believe that the bible is the word of God, and that they can be guided by it.

Many want to be sure that what they actually want to do about an issue goes along with the word of God.

They post biblical questions about their peculiar issues online, hoping to get the right answers to them.

Such people will find this page very useful.

Answers to biblical questions need to be as well detailed as possible, also, they need to be applicable, so that whoever wants can go ahead and actually apply them to their situations.

This is how this page has approached the biblical questions issues.

Here, you will find bible questions and answers that borders on marriage, faith, life after death, social life, family, children, obedience, service, doctrines, and so on.

The answers to these biblical questions are based mainly upon what has been revealed in the scriptures, hence you can always trust on them as God’s real messages, and instructions for you.

Biblical Questions and False Teachings

The bible warns that in the last days many false Teachings and false teachers will come up.

bible questios and answers for solution

That is a warning you have to take serious, and always remember, whenever you search for answers to biblical questions.

Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between false and true teachings, it takes those who know what the bible says to be able to do that.

You do not have to fall victim of false teachings, safeguard yourself by taking time to study the bible on your own.

This is one of the reasons why there are different versions of the bible.

It is to allow everybody to have the word of God in a language that they understand easily.

When you are well familiar with the word of God, you can easily detect when answers to biblical questions are false, and avoid them.

Bible Questions and Answers Straight from Scriptures

You need to know how to confirm a particular scripture quoted in an answer that you have discovered online.

There are some cases where bible verses are quoted wrongly, or out of context to justify a particular argument that is completely against the word of God.

You will do yourself a lot of good by making sure that what you are acting upon is actually based upon the word of God.

How do you ascertain the authenticity of particular answers to biblical questions?

  1. Get a version of the bible that you find convenient to use.

This will help you a lot to understand every word you are reading, and bring out the right meaning out of them.

  1. For a true answer, any statement of fact must be backed with the word of God.

The scriptural verses used must fit into the context of the answer, and the truth it is trying to convey.

Read the scriptural passages yourself and get convinced that they are the right ones you need.

  1. To fully ascertain a particular scriptural verse as suitable for an argument, make sure that passage or a reference to it appear twice in the bible.

This is because sometimes when something is said, or happened once in the bible, that occurrence may be specific to those that are involved and not for everybody.

Seeing it in at least two places in the bible will cancel out that doubt from your mind.

Doing all of these may be stressful, but they are necessary because not all bible questions and answers that you see are actually based on God’s words.

Not all of them are published to help people, hence beware.

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