Giant Print Dark Brown Leather Bound KJV Holy Bible

giant print dark brown leather bound kjv holy bible
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This Giant Print Dark Brown Leather Bound KJV Holy Bible is a perfect classic study Bible. This bible will enhance your study and be a constant reminder to keep your focus on the Word of God. The King James Version is the traditional version of the Bible first published in 1611.

It is considered to be the greatest version of the Bible and has been used by many generations of Christians to be a valuable and indispensable tool in their spiritual lives. In addition, it is the most popular version of the Bible in the world. Each page of the KJV has been carefully reproduced by an expert Bible printer with no compromise on the highest quality standards and without reducing the text to the size of a common book.

The Giant Print Bible from the KJV Holy Bible features a double column format, Words of Christ in red, and a One-year Bible Reading Plan. It also offers a lay-flat binding, allowing you to read at any angle without crumpling the pages. The Bible is a perfect choice for daily reading or as a present.

The KJV Bible is a popular, readable, reliable, and affordable Bible available today. The KJV is a trusted classic, and has been praised by scholars and pastors alike. This Bible is not associated with any denomination, and is available in over 150 language options. A Bible of timeless beauty, it is sure to be a treasured gift for all believers.

A Bible study Bible is the ideal gift for Bible lovers. This Bible is the ideal gift for Bible lovers who are interested in God’s word. Bible study is an important part of growing in your faith. This Bible will encourage you to spend more time studying the Bible.

Our Classic Old Testament (OT) is designed for Bible study and offers several features to help you get the most out of the Holy Book. We recommend this Bible for those who are engaged in a life-long journey of discovery and who want to read God’s word with the highest levels of engagement, meaning, and significance.

super giant print kjv bible

This Giant Print edition of the King James Version of the Holy Bible is a beautiful antiqued double framed scroll design that is bound in brown faux leather and has flexcover. It has thumb-index tabs for quick reference and is adorned with stunning gold-leafing on the spine. All pages are printed on the heaviest weight paper and are very sturdy. This magnificent Bible is one of the finest you will find.

It has an impressive 10 inches wide by 18 inches tall and is bound with a gilded faux leather spine which adds a grandeur and beauty to the book. The large, soft, gold-leafed faux leather cover is embellished with gilding and faux silver ribbon.

This stunning Giant Print Bible is crafted with an antiqued double framed scroll design on a brown faux leather cover. The Bible includes thumb-indexing tabs for easy reference and includes the classic King James translation with full color photos of God’s people throughout the ages.
The King James Version of the Bible contains the King James and Authorized King James translations, an introduction to the books of the Old and New Testaments, and a concordance with more than 200,000 cross-references in the English language.

Giant Print Dark Brown Leather Bound KJV Holy Bible Buyer’s Testimonies!

The Most Gorgeous Bible

I’m satisfied and glad I gave it a chance because it is probably the most gorgeous bible I’ve ever owned.

The bible’s format, weight and color are just exquisite. It’s all in soft grey with gold, silver and red accents, as well as beautiful illustrations, like the ones of the Old Testament prophets on the beginning pages.

There are so many things I like about this bible! I love the layout, how clean and concise it is. The scriptures come to life when read with a modern voice and with new meanings, because it’s the Word. I love how detailed and organized the entire thing is. I like the design, the colors, the fonts and the accents. There are scriptures with a big, bold and beautiful capital letter or italicized bold writing, and it’s always a joy to see how they’re laid out on the page. The pictures are great, and I appreciate the pictures they chose, particularly the end of each chapter. It’s so wonderful to see Moses’ face looking out at me, or to see Peter, Paul and John on the page.

All the chapters are arranged in alphabetical order, which is so handy when studying. I can get to things more quickly and easily and without flipping pages, which is perfect. The print is large and easy to read. All the scriptures are numbered so they’re easy to find, and they’re all in English.

I love it because it encourages me to study and learn. The way it’s designed and organized is perfect for study. I love that it’s arranged in chronological order with the events of each month. And I love that I can see an entire year on each cover. It helps me to be inspired and motivated to learn about the bible in a year’s time.

This is my new bible. I love it!

What a blessing the Lord is to give us a real, live, breathing Word. I’m so glad that we have a personal relationship with our God, through Jesus, through the Bible. I’m so glad that Jesus died and rose again to give us the gospel, so we have a relationship with him through his word, in the Bible. I pray that God keeps opening my eyes to his love and grace. In his love and grace, I pray that I’ll see him, come to know him, hear his voice and read his word.

Best Bible For Failing Eyesight – No Need For Eyeglasses

I love the print size of this Bible. My eyesight is failing and I have difficulties reading small print. This Bible is perfect for that. I use this Bible to study and take notes on. I have purchased 4 Bibles in the past and this is by far my favorite.

I have read thousands of verses of the Bible and I am thankful that I found this wonderful Bible.

Bible for everyone, no matter their size. I find this Bible great for study and also for taking notes. The size is just perfect, and I like the look of it. No fancy decoration. Very readable and easy to see words. I like that it has both New Testament and Old Testament so it can fit my study. I have bought many Bibles over the years, and this is the best one I have.

I purchased this Bible after reading many reviews. The reviews really help in finding a good Bible to read. This Bible is well written and easy to read. I like the font and the size. I purchased a smaller one for my daughter and that is a nice size. This has an excellent color and it is very interesting to read. I enjoy the study I can do with this Bible.

I like how this Bible is easy to read and easy to keep up with. I have not tried the study feature yet, but I love how this Bible can go right in the car with me. This is the perfect size to travel with and it is durable. I love the soft cover that is easy to read.

I was just a little nervous about buying a giant print Bible, but I am glad that I did. I’m enjoying reading this Bible, and taking notes. I enjoy looking up Scriptures that I have previously studied.

A beautiful gift for Your Loved Ones

This is a beautiful Bible, lovely as a gift: Smyth sewn binding, not glued, clear very large print, readable without reading glasses for me, with beautiful rose gold embossed title on cover and spine and gold gilded page edges.

The gold gilding seems quite solid and strong, and is not applied in a thick lather of gold leaf as sometimes seen. Also the gold of the spine is not quite bright and strong; a bit darker on the edges of the spine, and the rose gold of the title, at first, doesn’t seem to be as deep. All this I see in the magnified images of the cover.

The rose gold of the Bible itself is more of a soft pinkish white in a close up, and the rest of the gold is more like a pale yellow/gold, a nice touch. The text on the pages is a rich cream color, with some faint and light cream spots of a different color. A bit more gold in the margin here and there, and a dark grayish black in a few spots in the margin of the text.

There is some soft dark brown on the lower edge of the front cover, as there should be. Nice book, with the look of an antique Bible and a touch of elegance, without the gaudy ornamentation of a cheap copy. I expect this Bible is a good purchase at its price.

This is a unique binding, perhaps not seen often. It looks like a good job. The cover is printed on both sides, though the front and back are the same color. The cover is very attractive and printed well, without the cheap feel of the traditional leather case. I am confident that this Bible will not bend or fall apart as I hand carry it to a service or the local public library.

The quality of this Bible text is fine. It is nicely printed, with large print and readable without my eyeglasses. I see no evidence of printing or copying errors.
The Bible has a nice look to it, with the beautiful cover and spine. The gold of the gilding is a bit of a soft golden/pinkish white, not the deep gold of a traditional Bible. The spine of the Bible is dark brown and the gold is a faint brown. The title and name of the Bible is a fairly deep rose gold, almost red, and the gilded edge of the cover is a bit deeper. Not so deep as to go over the edges of the book, but deep enough to give a sense of depth.

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