What Does God Say? – Secret to Fulfilled Life

What does God say? Is a question that should constantly reverberate in our hearts from time to time.

This is because there are many issues that are affecting us, which we actually need deep insights into.

Knowing what God says about the issue means having the solution that we need.

What Does God Say — Why Border?

We need God at all times, hence whatever he says is of utmost importance to us.

God is the creator of the earth, as well as the whole universe.

He has the blueprint in his hands, and he is the only one who can direct the man on how he can live down here successfully.

After God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the garden, he used to visit them, and passed instructions to them from time to time.

He does not want them to live according to their personal judgements alone, he wants them to know his will and do it.

As it was then, so it is now. What does God say, is still a question that is as relevant to our existence as ever?

Ultimately, what God is saying is important because of the following reasons

  1. It is the truth:
    The word of God is the truth, and from it every other assertions are judged for their accuracy.

It is not all facts that are true, because the devil can manipulate things and make them look real.

This is the reason why we must not base our lives on what we can see alone. The real truth is in those things that we cannot see physically.

Whatever anyone says, or whatsoever is happening that is contrary to the word of God, just know that thing is not true.

It is what God says about it that is true.

  1. It is final
    Whatever God says over a matter is the final.

No one can take from it, no one can add to it.

It will remain so for as long as man remain in existence, and for as long as the earth remains standing.

When Satan made Adam and Eve to sin in the garden, it appeared as if he had taken all the glory of man, and that man will be doomed forever.

God had the final say over the matter. He said in Genesis 3:15 that the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent.

That was fulfilled in Christ thousands of years later.

  1. It will come to pass
    Anything that God says will come to pass. He does not joke with his words.

Right from bible times, God said he will make the children of Israel go into captivity as a result of their incessant disobedience.

That eventually happened, first, when the King of Assyria took the 10 tribes away to his land, and many years after, the king of Babylon took the land of Judah.

For many years there was no nation of Israel, and other people came to occupy their land.

Many people thought God had forgotten about them, until at the appointed time in 1948. God brought them back again, and made it impossible for anyone to eject them.

There is nothing as sure as the word of God, not even heaven and earth.

Seek ‘What Does God Say’ From the Bible

The bible is the Compilations of God’s dealings with man, right from when he created man.

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Inside the bible you can discover what God says about various issues, including what happens after death, and what will become of this world at the end.

God wants us to be conversant with the contents of the bible so that we can be guided, and live a fulfilled life.

That is, knowing what does God say about specific issues that we are interested in, is the secret of a fulfilled life.

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What does God say about divorce.

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