Top 10 Bible Verses About Trusting God’s Plan

bible verses about trusting god's plan for your life

Bible verses about trusting God’s plan are encouraging pieces of information that you can rely upon for a glorious future.

Do not be surprised that the bible is talking about God’s plan.

God has plans for all his creation, and that includes you.

If you are not close enough to him you will not know, and you will not be able to assess it.

Many people go through life trying to make their own plans, without making any effort to know the will of God for their lives.

There is nothing wrong with that, but these people may end up not succeeding in life in spite of their efforts.

This is because it is God that gives success in life, and he cannot bless what is not part of his own plan.

Bible Verses About Trusting God’s Plan And Their Explanations

You can trust in the Lord because his own plan cannot fail. He cannot lead you astray, nor make you regret following him.

The more you trust in God, the more he reveals his plans, you just have to take a step of faith to see God opening new ways before you.

You must also remember that there is no impossibility with God, he can use anything or anyone to achieve his purpose.

No time is too late or too short for him to act. In 2 Chronicles 7:1-16, he turned the economy of Samaria around in less than 24 hours

You have your own hearts desires, maybe they have become anxieties, because you see them as too big for you to accomplished.

It may be that you have reached the end of your efforts, over the issues you are having about your home.

Why not turn everything over unto God?

When you combine bible verses about trusting God’s plan with prayers, then you have a real winning strategy that cannot fail.

The truth is, whatever you don’t bring God’s attention into, he will not border to intervene, because he is a gentle God.

By committing your ways to him, you are telling him to take over the case, and he will never disappoint you at the end if you do not change your mind.

Bible verses about trusting God's Plan from Romans 8 verse 28.

If you are born again, it means you have been called according to God’s purpose.

You need to continue to seek his plans for your life, so that you can enjoy the fullness of his blessings.

In this regard, it means that you can never be a loser, whether here on earth or in eternity.

All situations in life will minister good things to those who are called by God, because God is with them.

If God is for you who can be against you?

You can see the way he turned the Red Sea into an express way for the children of Israel in the book of Exodus 14:13-28.

Israel escaped unharmed, but their enemies the Egyptians, perished totally.

Psalm 9 verse 10, bible verses about trusting God's plan

Maybe you need to take a little time off to study about the name of the Lord.

His names are numerous, with each of them revealing his supernatural nature.

His names are telling us who he is, and what he is capable of doing.

One of such names is, Jehovah Elshaddai.

It means the Lord that is more than sufficient.

You see, he is more than sufficient for all your needs, no matter how great or deep they may be.

He has the capacity to take care of the whole world if they so desire him. It is nothing to him.

You will never know how great God is, and how he can save in times of troubles except you allow him.

Never be like the drowning man who will not allow his rescuer to help him because he kept struggling to remain alive.

Until he became calm he could not be helped.

Know that God is the ultimate help, with him, you do not need any extra support.

Wait for his salvation, for it will surely come.

Even though there are billions of people on surface of the earth, God knows the plan he has for each of them.

He cares that much about you because of the love he has for you.

If his plan is to give you a glorious future, then you can be certain that is what your life will be, if you can continue to please him.

If God knows his plan for you, you should know it too. Nothing can be more frustrating than a purposeless life.

That is a life without direction. When you know God’s plan for your life, that is totally eliminated.

Bible verses about trusting God's plan in Joshua 1 verse 9.

God is so good that he can allow his presence to be with you, so that you can carry that presence anywhere you go.

This is what he always do for those who are following his plans.

When the presence of God is with you, you cannot miss your way, and you cannot fail in anything you embark upon to do.

In this passage above, Joshua succeeded where Moses failed because God was with him.

This happened in spite of the fact that Joshua was young and inexperienced.

God’s presence can supply anything that is lacking in your life.

This is one among the many bible verses about trusting God’s plan that you will find very comforting.

If Jesus does not change, it means whatever he starts to do, he can complete.

It also means that he make plans for you that will extend to your children.

But the verse is even more powerful than that.

Jesus cannot change a bit from what he had been from eternity past.

It means, those things that Jesus had done in the past, he can do them again.

Just imagine those miracles of Jesus recorded in the bible, he can do them again.

Fear is the opposite of faith, and just as we are encouraged to have faith in God, we are warned to avoid fear, because it brings torment.

When you are trusting God’s plan for your life, you will encounter many things that will make you to fear, that does not mean God has forgotten about you.

What it means is that, the devil wants to take you out of faith, so that you will lose everything God is planning for you.

For without faith, we cannot please him.

The Lord is the strongest stronghold you can ever imagine.

He is so strong that no enemy or circumstances can overcome him.

You can hide in him, and make him your confidence, and he will see to it that his plans for your life are realized promptly.

What are your needs? Even if they seems impossible God can supply them.

The whole world cannot exhaust his resources because they are unlimited.

Remember how he singlehandedly fed the children of Israel in the wilderness for 40 years.

He supplied everything they needed and they never lacked any good thing.

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What Is God’s Plan For Us

The plan of God for man originally is for us to dominate and rule over the whole world.

You will find that in Genesis 1:26-28.

That is the beginning of all bible verses about trusting God’s plan.

It was established for sometimes, until Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, and man lost the dominionship.

That does not stop the plan of God anyway.

He restored it back through the coming of Jesus Christ.

What you will discover from many of these bible verses about trusting God’s plan is that, if you can believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, then the plans of God can begin to actualize in your life.

God cursed this present world as a result of the sin of Adam and Eve.

His ultimate plan is to gather as many people as would be willing to follow him into where he is dwelling in heaven.

This is an experience that is too glorious to be expressed with words.

It is a place where all the problems we are seeing here will never be.

On the other hand, his plan also include sending all those who will not follow his ways to hell, a place of indescribable torment.

Heaven is real, and hell is real, and their inhabitants will live forever.

Is Everything In God’s Plan?

Everything that had happened, and that will still happen, are all in the plans of God.

There is nothing that can happen that will surprise God, or make him adjust his plans.

He has all things in the universe under his control, and rule as he pleases in the affairs of men.

Are you familiar with these bible verses about trusting God’s plan? You should, as you need the hand of God to guide your life to fulfillment.

You can meditate on them, and claim them for yourself.

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