What Does God Say About Fear (The Whole Truth)

What does God say about fear, and can we get protection from him against all fears?

Fear is one of those things that everybody experiences on earth.

Everybody has something to fear, whether constantly, or once in a while.

Though we can say there are some good things that fear can deliver to us, the problems it causes in our lives far outweighs that.

Hence, fear is not what you should entertain, especially if you have discovered that it works directly against the good things of your life.

What Does God Say About Fear (Does Fear Comes From God?)

The answer is no. God never terrifies us unnecessarily, he never makes us see fear in common things around us, as some people are experiencing today.

That should settle it in your mind, that it is not the will of God that you should continue to live in negative fear.

Whatever He has not given to you becomes sin of you take it, or believes in it.

What does God say about fear to those who are always afraid, and are living in constant fear?

He is saying that it is not his will for them to live in bondage to fear.

They must come out.

Where Does Fear Originated From?

Fear originated from the garden of Eden after Adam and Eve sinned against God. Genesis 3:6.

Before this time, there was nothing called fear in the garden.

Everything was in perfect harmony, and total peace, because man was obeying God.

Humans, and animals that we call dangerous today were living together, and there was no danger or crisis of any kind.

Adam and Eve never had any cause to seek for protection for themselves.

They never needed to carry weapons whenever they go out, or erect tall fences around where they live for protection.

The animals never attacked themselves, since they were all feeding on plants, and they naturally fear man.

Man was closer to God then, hence the glory of God covers him like cloth, so that no animal would dare wait when man is coming.

It was sin that changed all of this.

Immediately Adam sinned, he became afraid, and went to hide himself. Genesis 3:10.

God was angry with them, he cursed them, and cursed the ground for their sakes, and then real fear and anxiety sets in.

From that time till now, man has been living in constant fear.

There is no end to this, because everyday we see things that make situations around us look more hopeless and fearful.

10 Most Common Fears

Today, people are afraid of many things, these sources of fear are so many that the list seems endless.

They include such absurd things like; air, water, heights, sleeping, etc.

Considering all of these, you will quickly realize that the issue of fear is beyond the ordinary, and is totally abnormal.

Man that is supposed to dominate and rule, has now become a being that his subjects are ruling over.

What a pathetic situation!

The title for this article is – what does God say about fear, and we are looking at it from the angle of the word of God.

This we are doing to get a true picture of fear, and consider God’s solutions to it.

We will here look at the common causes of fear.

Whoever can get solution to any of these common causes, can get solution to any type of fear.

The list include the following;

1. Failure

Many people are afraid to fail in life.

As a resilt of that they find it difficult to embark on any meaningful venture.

They will rather stay without doing anything, or copy what others are doing.

This is the lot of those who are blindly following some so called celebrities.

The situation has made them not to have a life of their own, hence they spend all their lives following others.

Failure is part of life. There is no one that is succeeding today that has never failed before.

It is in failures that we learn how to do things right.

When you fail, it only shows to you what not to do, and how you are not to do it.

Someone who tries his hands on something and failed, is far better than another who has never tried anything.

The story of how Thomas Alva Edison discovered the light bulb has inspired many people to know how to handle failures.

This is what you must do too.

What does God say about fear to those who are afraid of failures.

No more fear, be of good cheer.

2. Uncertainty

When it comes to the issue of uncertainties, people are really scared.

There are many uncertainties that we are leaving with today that many people feel they cannot cope with.

You are not certain if you will see tomorrow.

You are not certain if the help, or support you are waiting for will come.

And such things.

This has greatly impacted how people make decisions, because once you are not sure of a particular thing, you cannot base your decisions on them.

Uncertainty is part of our lives, we just have to learn to live with it.

We don’t need to be sure about everything before we make a decision, or take a step.

All we need is a guide, or help from someone who has been there, someone who knows.

Only one person can guide us, and that person is God.

He knows everything, and can help you choose right in your decisions, in such a way that you will not live to regret what you are doing.

He can turn situations around to make them favor you, so that you will not be afraid anymore.

He did that for Gideon, one of the judges of Israel, and rescued the nation from the terrors of the Midianites.

3. Change

Many are afraid of change.

This is because we all feel safe in a place or situation, that we have a good knowledge of.

Whenever we see anything that wants to change that, we struggle to resist it.

This has made many people not to make attempt to try anything new, and make progress in life.

Change is inevitable, and whether we realize it or not, everything around is changing.

The earlier we realize that change is part of life, and we do what it takes to accommodate it and live with it, the better.

You must expect change, and get ready to use it to your own advantage.

4. Tomorrow

No one knows tomorrow. Many people can give anything just to be able to have a peep into the future.

Some are running helter skelter to seek spiritual help towards this, and a great number of them are being deceived.

Knowing about our tomorrow can help us to plan, and take right decisions today, so that we are sure of what to expect.

There are too many factors which can influence how our future will be, hence no one can boldly say; “I have secured my tomorrow, and I am sure my plans will be achieved.”

To secure your tomorrow, you have to hand it over to God.

He is the one who knows all about the future, he is in total control, and has the ability to make it favor you.

5. Old Age

People are scared of getting old.

They do all manner of things to deny and hide their age, but old age is inevitable.

Sometimes when you visit the homes for old people, and you see what some of them go through, and the health challenges associated with their age, you will indeed get scared of getting old.

Anybody who does not want to get old is praying to die young.

Old age is supposed to be a blessing, because the elderly ones have wealth of experiences that the younger ones can tap from.

Are you afraid of getting old?

It is an opportunity to turn away from all the desires and troubles of the world, and start to think about the inevitable; death and afterlife.

6. Death

The word death bring great fear to the heart of many people.

Many are so scared of death that they dare not mention it.

Death is part of realities of life, every living thing must die, at one time or the other.

The reason why many are afraid of death so much is because they don’t have the full knowledge of it.

Indeed, it is a terrible thing, because it bring separation between family members.

It puts a total end to whatever it’s victim is doing or not doing on earth.

As far as God is concerned, death is a transition into another life.

That is why the Bible calls it sleep.

This truth is only a reality to those who belongs to God, those who have been washed with the blood of Jesus.

According to the bible such people have power over death.

Yes, they will die, but only to be moved into a new, and a far better life.

What does God say about fear to those who are afraid of death?

He is saying death is not the end of everything.

7. Afterlife

The afterlife means life after death.

This is one of the most dreaded subjects people wants to talk about.

Because of fear they have for it, many have denied the existence, and they keep pretending, and living their lives as if they don’t know about it.

The afterlife is real, but it is nothing to be afraid of, rather we should expect and welcome it with joy.

The troubles that we go through in this world is enough to want us to desire a better place, where we can hope to have true rest and peace.

For those who have lived their lives in obedience to God’s will, they should expect a glorious afterlife.

The kind that even words cannot describe.

What the bible says about fear

For those who have lived according to their own ways, disregarding the ways of God, they should expect eternal torment of indescribable dimension.

These are the people who have to fear, according to Proverbs 28:1.

What does God say about fear concerning the issue of afterlife?

He is saying that you can come out of that fear now by securing your afterlife with the blood of Jesus.

When you have the salvation that the death and resurrection of Jesus gives, you will have every reason to rejoice for ever.

What Are The Negative Effects of Fear

Fear has torment according to 1 John 4:18.

It has frustrated many people who are supposed to be great in life.

It has succeeded in sending many to their early graves.

You must do everything you can, to get out of fear, and fast too.

The following are the terrible things fear can do to your life.

1. Anxiety and worry

When you are afraid, you become anxious, even though you don’t have a reason to be.

This can lead to health challenges like high blood pressure, and other associated sicknesses.

Research has shown that most things that people fear and worry about don’t exist, or don’t come to pass.

2. Cripples ability to think

Fear will hold your mental faculty in strong bondage.

Everything you are seeing
or thinking about will be overshadowed by the fear in your heart.

It will greatly affect all the decisions you are making, because you will not dare think of anything beyond what you are really sure of.

This can bring a damaging effects on the brain if it prolong for a long time, and make your life a wreck.

3. Frustrates destinies

Fear has hindered many people from being who God ordained them to be.

For the will of God to be realised in your life, you have to launch out in faith, but fear is the opposite of faith.

It is the great enemy of faith, and the two of them cannot coexist together.

The story of Gideon in the bible will explain this better.

4. Encourages destructive habits

Ask many people who have taken to drinking heavily,drug abuse, and hanging out with people of questionable characters today.

They will tell you they have something they are running from.

They think trying to deaden the feeling will make it go away.

They keep staying out of soberness for as long as they can, to switch off their fears.

This will eventually lead to addiction, and other associated problems.

It has made many to die untimely.

What does God say about fear to those who turn to destructive habits for help.

He is saying that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, hence you cannot afford to defile it.

5. It takes away peace

Peace is so important that it becomes one of the things that brought Jesus to the world.

The bible calls him the Prince of Peace.

Fear removes peace from those in its bondage.

The absence of peace brings trouble, worry, anxiety, etc.

It affects every facets of life, and make people to fail in whatever they try to do.

6. Brings doubt

Fear will make you doubt your abilities, skills, and knowledge.

You will lack confidence, and you will not be able to raise your head among your peers, that is inferiority complex.

It will make you to doubt the power of God, and frustrate all your efforts to believe him for anything.

God does not like people who doubts, the bible says such people cannot get anything from God, because they are unstable in their faith.

What Does Bible Say About Fear And Anxiety

The bible said a lot about fear, because God does not want us to keep living in fear.

As a matter of fact there are 365 ‘fear not’ in the bible.

This telling us that we can take one ‘fear not’ per day, and that will take us through a whole year.

We cannot possibly look at all these bible verses about fear, in this article.

We will look at just 5, to know the mind of God, and establish the truth that can get us out of fear.

What does God say about fear to everyone looking up to him for deliverance.

He is saying that he has made provision for each day of the year, and you have something you can always depend on.

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10 (esv)

When God says I am with you, then you should start rejoicing, because you cannot get any other protection anywhere else.

The presence of God alone is enough to drive off all enemies or sources of fear.

It is enough to help you get to your destination in life.

God even added to that, by saying that he will uphold you with his right hand.

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

2 Timothy 1:7 (esv)

Fear does not come from God, even though everything about him terrifies.

He has chosen to deal with us with mercy, hence he ensures that we do not see the other side of him which the bible calls the consuming fire.

What does God say about fear to those who are under serious attack by fear?

Your experience is not from God, he will never do that, because he wants you to have faith instead of fear.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7 (esv)

Do not entertain any thought of fear or anxiety, they are weapons of the enemy.

Instead, use thanksgiving and prayer to push them out of your mind, and you will have victory.

No matter how big your challenges are, fear is not the next step you have to follow, especially if you want solution for the problem.

The fact that God promises peace of God, for those who follow after his word, means he will provide the solution that you need.

This is God’s way, and it may looks foolish, but it works.

I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:4 (esv)

Try and seek the face of God in prayers, over any issue that is giving you anxiety and fear.

Fear is a spirit, and needs to be handled spiritually.

The power of God can arrest every spirit of fear, and free you permanently from its grip.

He will deliver you from all your fears in Jesus name.

Begin to talk to him now.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9 (esv)

If you are looking for what God say about fear in the bible, to get your own victory, this is one of the best.

God told Joshua, I am commanding you never to be afraid, but be bold, and courageous.

Joshua had every reason to fear.

Moses the most suitable person for the position of leadership of Israel had died without bringing them into the promise land, and his job has been given to him.

If Moses could not succeed in spite of his anointing, how could he?

He was looking at the big shoes Moses left behind for him to step into, and his fear was unimaginable.

God fulfilled his words because, at the end Joshua succeeded.

God is telling you the same thing now, do not fear, but be strong, and courageous to accomplish God’s purpose for your life.

If you allow fear to stop you, you will only have yourself to blame.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

John 14:27 (esv)

Jesus is the prince of peace, he has peace in abundance, hence he can give anyone he likes.

He demonstrated this when he slept so soundly in a deafening storm, and his disciples has to wake him up, before he knew what was going on. Matthew 8:23-27.

All he needed to do was to command the storm to cease, in just three words “peace be still,” and there was a great calm.

If that Jesus tells you he has given you peace, won’t you believe him? But that is what he has said here, and no situation can change that.

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Matthew 6:34 (esv)

Do not fret about your tomorrow, your anxiety and worry cannot change it.

They will only succeed in giving you mental torture, and health challenges, and yet what you fear about will still remain.

Let each day handles itself as you hand it it over to God. He had ordained it that way.

Stop carrying a burden that is not yours because every day comes with its own trouble, and you are too limited to handle them.

What does God say about fear to those who are afraid about their tomorrow?

Do not attempt to do God’s work for him.

Hand over each day to him, and leave him to do his job.

How To Overcome Fear

You must know how to overcome fear, and don’t wait until you find yourself in a terrifying situation before you do this.

1. Be aware of God’s presence

Fear cannot exist where God is.

When Peter saw Jesus walking on water, he asked him for permission for him to do the same. Matthew 14:22-33.

When he was granted, he jumped into the water and started to walk on it too.

Everything was okay, until he turned his attention away from Jesus to the mighty waves blowing around them.

As he did that, fear came, and he started sinking.

Do everything to make God’s presence be around you, like:

Singing praises

Meditating in his words

Living a holy life

Exercising your faith

Praying constantly

Fellowshipping with Holy Spirit

All of these will make you conscious of God’s presence around you, and will drive out fear, and anxiety.

2. Put your trust in God

If you believe that God is the only one who can give you solution over fear, then you have to trust him to do it.

Get ready to follow him fully, as revealed in his word.

Partial obedience will not help you here. He is looking for serious minded partners.

Use the bible verses above to build your trust in God.

Your faith must rest upon his words, and not upon your personal experiences, or that of others.

3. Turn your fears to prayer

Many of the psalms written by David were reflections of his fears, as the enemies were constantly after him.

He had victory over all of them, as the bible recorded that God gave him rest over all enemies round about.

One of his secrets is that, he knows how to turn his fears into prayers before God.

He always asked God for leading in whatever he wanted to do, and reported his enemies constantly to God.

When you cultivate this habit, you are lifting your burdens off your shoulders to that of Jesus, the burden bearer.

You are inviting the one who has never lost a battle to come to your rescue, and he will do that.

4. Fear God instead

Instead of fearing things that are not worthy to be feared, things that Jesus had defeated on the cross, learn to fear God.

When you fear God, you will discover that you have nothing else to be afraid of.

All your fears will be swallowed up by the fear of God.

You can learn to fear God by knowing more about him.

The more you discover about his power, glory, ability, etc, the more your eyes are opened to who God is.

When you know God sufficiently enough, you will not have any reason not to fear him.

When your heart is filled with the fear of God, there will not be room for other fears anymore.

You will even become a terror to those things that you are afraid of now.

5. Avoid sin

Never toy with sin if you want to overcome fear.

Sin is the source of fear according to Genesis chapter 3, verse 14 (Genesis 3:14).

Every sin you commit open you up for fear. That is why you need to come out of it.

What does God say about fear

The only solution to the problem of sin is to give your life to Christ, and receive a brand new life which can obey God from him.

What does God say about fear to those who wants to come out of it’s bondage?

Never allow sin in your life, because sin will invite fear into your life.

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