Bible Verses: How Important Are They?

Bible verses are details of the content of the bible.

They help us to understand the more what messages God is trying to convey to us.

There are thousands of verses in the bible, and we are expected not only to be familiar with them but to use them appropriately as occasion demands.

What You Can Use Bible Verses For

The verses of the scriptures are useful in the following areas.

  1. For Prayers:
    Prayers and the word of God goes together.

If you want your prayers to be answered by God, you have to pray according to His word.

It is not all prayers that God will answer according to James 4:3, but when you pray back His word to Him, it is difficult for you to be ignored.

James 4:3, bible verses about asking wrongly.

When you know what God says about an issue you want to pray about, you will know how and what to pray about the issue.

  1. To Know God’s Mind:
    God wants us to know His will so that we can do it.

Through bible verses you can know the will of God for yourself, others, and even for the whole humanity.

will of God bible verses.

This is the more reason why you will find God speaking about a particular matter more than once in the bible.

He simply wants you to grasp how important that particular message is, so that you can quickly take the right action on it.

  1. To establish your Faith:

To be a child of God, your faith must be based on the word of God and not on your personal experiences or that of others.

Bible verses on believers faith.

When you read the scriptures, and you discover what God has said about the new life that you have in Him: the joy, peace, power, blessings, and eternal bliss that await you after this earth, you can’t but be strong in faith.

For example, when you see in the scriptures that Jesus loves you so much that he gave his life to be killed, so that you can be saved from the damnation of hell.

That will give you an assurance that if he can give his life, then he can equally give you any other thing you need from him, provided you asked according to his will.

Only begotten son verse

Once you know and believe in verses like that, you will have a solid faith in God that no situation or circumstances can change.

  1. To Know The Truth:
    Jesus said in John 17 verse 17, that the word of God is the truth.

This is what Bible verses will expose you to, the truth.

You must know that it is not everything that you can see, hear, or touch that is true, only what God has said or done.

The truth is like a light that shines on our way, so that we will not fall into the pit of error.

That is the pathway to real success and fulfillment in life.

  1. Food for your Spirit Man:
    Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceed out of the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4.

Your spirit man is your real self.

This is so because you are not primarily created as flesh, but a spirit being.

Your flesh is just a covering for the spirit man, so that you can live conveniently in the world of flesh and blood.

According to that Matthew 4 verse 4, just as your physical body needs food, so also your spiritual body.

Your spirit man cannot feed on the physical food, but on spiritual food, which is the word of God.

When you read and meditate on bible verses, you are eating spiritual food, and that will make you stronger and healthier in the spirit.

  1. To Resist The Devil: The devil was totally and permanently defeated by Jesus on the cross.

In I John 3:8 the Bible says for this reason the son of God is made manifest to destroy the works of the devil.

He actually did that on the cross.

The beautiful reality to this is that Jesus gave those who believe in him the victory.

This is the reason why the Bible says we are more than conqueror through Christ that loves us.

We did not fight, yet we have the victory that Jesus secured through the battle he fought with the devil.

This is the victory that enables us to resist the devil at will.

Through the right verses of the bible, you can effectively resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Which Bible Verses Are The Most Important?

All the verses of the bible are important.

They all come from God, and are meant for specific purposes.

The particular scripture that you need for a particular situation is the most important for that situation.

In another situation, you would need another scriptures for the victory that you seek.

The truth is that, there is no unpleasant situation that can confront you that you cannot overcome through the word of God.

Hence, all scriptures are important.

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