Biblical Christian Teachings

The Bible is the source of all Christian teachings and believes, it is the God-given companion of Christians, but much more, it is “the manual for living” that God the creator has given to humanity.

To neglect or disregard sound biblical Christian teachings would amount to total errors, disasters, and untold hardship, as we see some individuals experienced in the Bible.

There are many qualities that have been attributes to the Bible that would knock off whatever arguments or believe anyone might have against its being the word of God.

biblial christian teachings

This miracle book has transformed the life of many across the world, and across the ages.

There are infallible proofs that show that one of the reasons why our world is still in existence today is as a result of biblical Christian teachings which have transformed lives, provoked divine mercy,uphold righteousness, etc.

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The Main Message of The Bible and It’s Essence for Christian Teachings

The bible contains just 66 books, but because it is inspired by God, those books have adequately supplied knowledge, wisdom, peace, victory, joy, and hope to humanity for time immemorial.

The following have been revealed as the main message of the Bible.

what does the bible really teach

1. God created the world.

There has been a lot of misconception, confusion, and debate about the origin of the world.

Science has put a poor representation of how the world started with the big bang theory.

A lot of adaptations have been added to the theory to suit the mind and purposes of the proponents.

In all, those who proposed these theories cannot fully proof what they are claiming, yet many are clinging to them, when they can get the real truth from the word of God.

The beginning of the book of Genesis fully explained how the world came into being through the hand of the creator.

He created and populated it with all kinds of creatures according to His will and purpose. Man formed part of that creation.

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2. Man Needs a Savior.

Right from the book of Genesis chapter three, man sinned in the garden of Eden, and opened the door for all forms of evil that are still prevalent today.

For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23.

for all have sinned bible verse.

That summarized the present state of man, and by this man is totally separated from God.

Going through history, we see all kinds of evil that have characterized our world; war, diseases, social vices, and deprivation that man has gone through, and are still going through in spite of technological advancements, and knowledge increase that reaches into outer space.

All the efforts made by man to solve his problems have failed, but God provides the only solution in the Bible.

He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to come into the world to die for the sin of man, and rescue man from eternal bondage to sin and destruction (John 3:16).

Jesus brought peace and joy to the world, not only for this life but for life after this world.

Hear Him as He speaks in John 10:10.

word of God gives abundant life.

3. God is In Charge of His Creation.

God did not only created the universe, He rules over all His creations.

The Bible reveals that He has super abundant resources to cater for all that He created (Phillipians 4:19).

According to biblical Christian teachings, we are to look up to Him to supply all our needs, and trust in Him to get solutions to all our problems.

Everything happening in the world are geared toward fulfilling His eternal purpose. He can use anybody and anything for that fulfillment.

4. The End of The World.

The Bible reveals how the world will come to an end.

This world has been judged, and is being prepared for fire.

teacher's guide bible lessons.

Many people find this difficult to believe because they are holding the thought that the world has experienced all kinds of evils in the past, yet none had succeeded destroying it.

They believe our world has come to stay.

The Bible recorded that God wiped off the human race with flood during the time of Noah, (Genesis 6:5-7). He destroyed the city of Sodom and Gomorrah with their inhabitants with fire that fell from heaven,  (Genesis 19:24-25)

People fail to realize that if God could do it then He can do it again if we fail to heed His warning as revealed in the biblical Christian teachings that we hear today.

The implication of this is that, things which many people are pursuing and are dying to get, shall be consumed with fire.

teach your children bible verse.

5. What Happens After Death.

Life after death is one subject many are afraid of, some don’t believe in it, and some don’t care less about what happens to them after they close their eyes in death.

The scriptures reveal that death brings a separation between those who died in Christ and those who died as sinners, (Luke 16:19-31).

While the former will go to heaven where there is eternal peace and abundant life, the latter will be thrown to hell fire where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

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How Authentic Is The Scripture, and Biblical Christian Teachings?

what can the bible teach us?

Many people want proofs of what the Bible has said, to confirm whether they are true or not.

Though Jesus said blessed are those who do not see but yet believed, God ensures that He made available physical proofs that anyone can see to confirm what have been revealed in the Bible.

Though not in all cases, because God wants to discourage us from building our faith on physical evidences.

That is not part of His ways. He wants us to relate with Him by faith at all times.

Physical Evidences that Confirm  the Authenticity of Biblical Writings

1. Prophecies That Came to Pass.

Many prophecies were given in the Bible, and they came to pass at the time ordained by God, such as:

The birth of Jesus (Isaiah 9:6).

Nation rise against nation (Matthew 24:7)

Knowledgeable shall increase; evident in the present technological developments, especially in the area of artificial intelligence, and space technology (Daniel 12;4).

Gospel preached all over the nation. This is being fulfilled through the internet (Matthew 24:14).

Pestilences (like Corona virus), and famine in diverse places.

Falling away from faith.

what does the bible say about teaching?

2. The Resurrection of Jesus.

Many people have doubted the resurrection of Jesus, some claimed that He did not die, but only fainted.

God did not only raised him up, He allowed people to see him physically after he resurrected, Thomas Didymus putting his finger in the hole on his hand and side (John 20:24-31).

As a matter of fact, this formed the major message of the disciples after his death, they preached to people as witnesses of His death and ressurection.

3. Archaeological Findings.

Archaeologists have located sites and things that are connected to the ancient world recorded in the Bible, to show to the world that what the Bible said were true. Some of them are:

Rosetta stone (1798).

Dead sea scrolls (1947).

Moabite stone (1868).

Hezekiah tunnel.

Lachish letters (1930s).

The pool of Siloam.

Pontius Pilate stone.

The empty shroud.

teach a man to fish bible verse.

4. The Restoration of The Nation of Israel.

Israel stopped being a nation when the king of Assyria carried them away into captivity (2Kings 17:6-23), and when king Nebuchadnezzar took away the remaining land of Judah (2Kings 24-25).

They remained in that state for over two thousand years, but God had foretold that He would gather them together, and they shall be a nation again.

That came to pass in 1948, in spite of all odds against the birth of the nation. The loving God does not just want us to know Him, He wants us to enjoy a lifelong relationship with Him, here on earth and in His kingdom after death.


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