Mark Of The Beast Movies: Should You Watch Them Or Not?

mark of the beast movies

There is quite some mark of the beast movies out there. They try to take part of what has been prophesied in the Bible and weave it around a particular plot they want people to see and show them in cinemas and movies.

Watching a mark of the beast movie has its pros and cons. One of the advantages is that it will give you more details about the story around the mark of the beast and the Antichrist. 

One of the disadvantages is that these films cannot capture the message as it is presented in the Bible. Most of what they tried to show to people are the imaginations and thoughts of the producers with varying amounts of information they have added from the Bible.

There is nothing wrong in watching mark of the beast movies, after all, they are telling us about what is in the Bible. But we need to be careful so that we don’t lose the substance of the message as presented by the Bible and begin to look for the various signs, symbols, systems, or things we think should represent the mark based upon what we have watched from the films.

That is the position of many people today. Based on the information they get from books, websites, and videos, they become suspicious of things that are happening in the world and try to connect them with what the Bible says about the mark.

This is the reason why many questions about the mark of the beast are springing up today. People want to find an explanation in physical things around us rather than following the message God is trying to pass across to us.

The more they keep this type of mindset, the more they get confused because people’s interpretations of the mark of the beast keep changing from one thing to the other. More questions are coming up but there are no satisfying answers.

Is The Mark Of The Beast A Hoax?

The mark of the beast is not a hoax. It is real. That is why God is trying to warn us ahead of time so that we can know about it and find a way to escape.

Many people will call it a hoax because they cannot see the way it can happen, or they don’t fully understand it because the Bible did not give full detail, but we should remember the time of Noah.

mark of the beast bible verse
Noah’s Ark

Noah tried to tell the people about the coming flood but they laughed at him to scorn because what he was saying sounded foolish and impossible, but in the end, they all regretted their actions.

The fact that we do not understand a particular God’s message does not mean we should ignore it or give it our meaning, whether we believe it or not, God will do what He purposed to do.

Mark Of The Beast Bible Verse

Is The Mark Of The Beast A Microchip

People have been asking “Is the microchip the mark of the beast in revelation 13.”

This can sometimes be found in some of the mark of the beast films. They portray the mark as a chip that can be planted on the hand, or forehead as prophesied in the Bible.

It is hard to say whether the mark will be a chip or not. Though from the technological knowledge point of view, this is the most probable option for getting the mark. As long as people have been implanted, they can be monitored and tracked anywhere they are on the surface of the earth.

But the Bible is not specific about the form or nature of the chip. We all know that is possible in the world of artificial intelligence that we are living in today. AI can be used to control virtually anything. Presently scientists in the US are employing it to control the rovers that are exploring the surface of planet Mars and other satellites in space.

The success of Artemis1, a space program that saw NASA send an uncrewed spacecraft to explore the far side of the moon and back had largely been attributed to AI. Some people are even asking whether artificial intelligence is the mark of the beast.

Any of these technological feats or anyone that will still emerge may be used by the Antichrist to carry out the exercise, we cannot be sure. The fact that many things have been interpreted as the mark in the past with none of them coming close is enough to make us careful to quickly conclude that any new invention should be the mark.

Can Christians Be Forgiven If They Take The Mark Of The Beast?

By God’s divine ordination, Christians are not supposed to take the mark. It is the mark of the Antichrist. The mark of the arch enemy of Christ. It will be a serious error for a child of God to be connected with such, not to talk of receiving the mark.

The mark is meant for those who refused to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior those who are living in their sins by the time the man of evil will appear.

Before this will happen, the rapture will first take place. The rapture is the sudden taking away of the saints to heaven as described in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, “For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.”

The unfortunate thing is that not all Christians will make rapture, just like not all Israelites that left the land of Egypt entered into the Promises Land, and not all the virgins who prepared themselves to meet with the bridegroom entered into the venue of the wedding with him.

Those who missed the rapture will be among those who will be forced to take the mark. Some will take and some may refuse to take because they know the consequence of doing such.

Anyone who takes the mark has identified with the devil. They have rejected Christ and accepted the Antichrist as their Lord, that is why they agree to receive his evil brand or logo upon their bodies. 

At this junction, there is no difference between Christians and non-Christians. They are all one now, children of perdition.

mark of the beast branding on the forehead
mark of the beast branding on the forehead

Anyone that receives the mark of the beast cannot receive forgiveness from God.

How shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation? Hebrews 2:3, NIV.

Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace? Hebrews 10:29, KJV.

This should send a clear signal to people who rather want to see before they believe. Anyone with such a mindset would not have another opportunity to amend their ways. 

Those who waited to see whether the flood will come in the days of Noah died before they could be helped. The word of God tells us to beware so that we will not be like them.

Mark Of The Beast On Forehead Bible Verse

Will We Be Killed For Rejecting The Mark Of The Beast?

Those who refuse the mark will be punished severely until they die or receive the mark. Maybe you have seen it in a mark of the best movie. The Bible says the Antichrist will force people to take the mark. That is talking about punishment.

mark of the beast summary

The unfortunate thing about the punishment is that God ordained it to be so, hence it is not a case of wickedness that is against the plans of God. 

Since those who will be punished have chosen not to do the will of God, He leaves them to face the consequences of their action.

Also, many people will not be able to resist suffering. They will give in out of fear and helplessness and receive the mark.

Whoever takes the mark cannot enter into heaven, such people have been branded for hell and there they will go.

Today, some Christians are being killed for practicing their faith in countries where Christianity is not allowed. Some terrorist organizations are targeting Christians and churches around the world.#

Those who would die in this process will have every reason to rejoice because as long as they do not deny their faith, they will enter into eternal glory.

Remember how Stephen died in the book of Acts. As he was about to sleep, his eyes were opened and he saw Jesus standing by the throne of God in heaven to welcome him home.

mark of the beast movie
how Stephen died

Those who would be killed by the Antichrist for refusing the mark of the beast will be saved but the blood of Jesus will no more avail for them.

They will have to fight the battle with their blood. Why try to fight a war that Jesus had already won?

Which one is easier? To accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and be saved from evil or refuse His salvation and face the full wrath of the Antichrist?

How Can I Prepare To Resist The Mark Of The Beast?

The best time to resist the mark of the beast is now. You don’t have to wait until the Antichrist will emerge and start branding people with his evil mark.

All you need is to get branded with the mark of Jesus Christ. That which guarantees eternal glory and joy.

From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.

Know that it is not the will of God for anyone to pass through the Great Tribulation. That is why He sent this message ahead so that we can be warned.

That is why He made provision that the saints be first evacuated out of the earth through rapture before the whole scenario will start to play out.

Make your choice now that you have the time and the means. Quickly join with those who are branded for heaven and save your life. You will have every reason to thank God for that. He that has ears to hear, let them hear what the Spirit is saying.

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