How To Receive God’s Blessings: 12 Powerful Points

If you want to know how to receive God’s blessings and actually benefit from it, you must avail yourself the opportunity of knowing the whys and how’s of God’s blessings.

The blessings of God are necessities for man, without it we can hardly survive.

After God created Adam and Eve, He blessed them, and said, be fruitful and multiply.

That was the first blessing that was pronounced on man, and from that moment man began to populate the earth.

The blessings of God become more necessary after the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden, because God cursed the earth, and man has to toil before he can get anything from the ground.

It is those who are blessed by God that can escape this curse. For them, they will labor a little and reap much, because the blessings of God have canceled the established curse for their sake.

You must know how to receive God’s blessings when you need it, but much more, what to do in order to receive them.

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how to activate god's blessings.

What You Must Know About God’s Blessings

1. Only God Can Bless You.

He alone is the source of all blessings and whoever He blesses will remain blessed.

By virtue of the covenant between God and Abraham (Genesis 15:1-21), Isaac his son had the mandate to pronounce God’s blessings upon his firstborn Esau.

Jacob deceived his father and collected his brother’s blessing (Genesis 27:1-41).

Esau came back much later not knowing what had happened. When their father later knew, he said Jacob had been blessed already, and he cannot reverse the blessings.

He was only able to give Esau a remnant of what he gave his brother.

Though Jacob practically stole the blessing, he went on to become a great nation.

2. When God Blesses you, you Become Unstoppable.

No one can stop anyone who has been blessed by God, because the power of God would back such a fellow up to effect that blessings.

Everything created by God would work together to assist him in making the blessing a reality.

Because of God’s blessings, Isaac was able to sow in Genesis 26:12, in the time of famine, and reaped a hundred fold harvest.

When Balaam wanted to curse the children of Israel, he found out it was an impossible task, because instead curses words of blessings were coming out of his mouth (Numbers 22-24).

You need the blessings of God to be able to overcome all the enemies that are set to stop you in life.

3. God Wants to Bless you.

It is good for you to know how to receive God’s blessings, but the truth is that God is willing and ready to bless whoever comes to Him.

A leper came to Jesus, and said if you are willing you can heal me. Jesus said I am willing, and He touched him (Mark 1:40-45).

The man received his healing instantly.

It is the will of God for everyone to be blessed, that is why He made Jesus to die for everyone so that we can all receive the blessing of salvation.

Once you can follow His laid down rules, you are qualified to receives the best from Him.

That is how to receive God’s blessings.

4. You Have to Make your Choice.

God will not force His blessings on you, even though He wants you to be blessed.

You have to show Him that you want it, you have to ask for it. You must make your choice.

The children of Israel who were descendants of Abraham the friend of God, by virtue of their birth are qualified for God’s blessings, but God told them they have to earn it by obeying Him like their father Abraham did.

In Deuteronomy 30:19, God put two options before them; life and death, blessings and causing, and told them to choose, the one they want.

The choice is yours too, whether you wants to be blessed by God or not, you have the power to choose.

5. God’s Blessing’s Are Conditional.

The blessings of God are based on certain conditions, mainly that of obeying God.

Whoever wants to be blessed must first understand the conditions, laws, rules, etc, attached to such blessings, and abide by them.

Usually, that is how to receive God’s blessings, as you will find it in the Bible.

God told the children of Israel in Deuteronomy 28:1-13, that if they hearken to His words and obey His commandments, He will set them high above all nations.

He will make them the head, and not the tail.

Should they fail to obey Him, He told them that curses will be the results.

That is also the instruction of God for everyone who wants to receive good things from God.

.how to attract the blessings of God.

The Bible says, we cannot remain in sin, and pray that grace should abound (Romans 6:1).

no more sin

How To Receive God’s Blessings Always

If you know the instructions of God and follow them, you will always enjoy His blessings, and your days will be like heaven on earth.

You are not expected to be chasing after God’s blessings, but on the contrary, the Bible says they will follow you once you are doing what is right.

Go through the following tips to know how to receives God’s blessings.

1. Surrender your Life to Him.

This is the most important of all the steps you have to take.

When you give your life to Christ, you are automatically qualified for God’s blessings.

Jesus made this known in Matthew 15:21-28, when He told a woman whose daughter was demon possessed, but who was not from Israel that He cannot help her, because He cannot give the children’s bread to a dog.

Who are the children? According to John 1:12, they are the people who have received Jesus into their lives as Lord and Savior.

2. Keep His Commandments.

I cannot stress this enough, if you are a child of God and you are living in sin, or you are not obeying Him, then you cannot be blessed. Instead you will be cursed, because the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).

When God is pleased with you, He will be provoked to bless you.

God have no use for people that are living in disobedience no matter what promises He had made to them earlier, nor the relationship they have had with Him.

When King Saul was obeying God, everything was going well with him.

He conquered all enemies and expanded his territory. The Bible said anywhere he turned to he vexed them.

When he disobeyed God in 1 Samuel 15:11-35, everything turned around for him; he became mad, lost the throne, and eventually died with his household in one day.

how to receive god's blessings.

3. Ask God for it.

You can ask God to bless you if you want.

The book of Matthew 7:7 tells us that when we ask, seek, and knock, we will receive God’s attention.

Jesus stood still when He heard the cry of blind Bartimaeus though He was in the midst of a crowd.

He asked that the blind man be brought to him, and He restored his sight.

As part of what you must do to receive God’s blessings, you should start asking Him to bless you.

If you are silent, it means you are telling Him you don’t need the blessings.

4. Bless Others.

Not all blessings will come directly from God, some will come from people whom God had ordained to help you in time of need.

When there was a famine in Israel in the time of Elijah, God ordained a widow to provide for Elijah for the whole period of the famine (1Kings 17:7-16).

Joseph met with two officers of Pharaoh that were imprisoned and served them (Genesis 40:1-23).

When they had dreams, he interpreted their dreams to them.

One of them was set free, and reinstated back to his work, while the other was killed, according to what Joseph told them.

Two years later, Pharaoh had a dream which no one in the whole of his kingdom could not interprete.

His officer who was reinstated remembered the Hebrew boy who interpreted his dream in the prison.

Joseph was eventually brought before Pharaoh, he interpreted his dream, and became the Governor over all Egypt.

Pharaoh’s officer was a blessing to Joseph, but only because Joseph had first been a blessing to him.

As you are looking unto God to bless you, know that you are a blessing to some other people.

Do good to everyone that comes your way, you never know which of them is your own Pharaoh officer.

5. Surrender to God’s Sovereignty.

God rules in the affairs of men.

He alone determines what He would do, and how He will do it.

No one can stop or question Him. He has the power of sovereignty.

This you must understand and carefully surrender to in your life, as you cannot dictate to God concerning how you wants to be blessed.

The power of sovereignty comes into play in how to receive God’s blessings.

When Jacob and Esau were in the womb of their mother, Rebecca. God said, Jacob I love, Esau I hated (Romans 9:13).

God went ahead to put great blessings upon Jacob. Though he was the younger, he got the blessings of his elder brother.

You cannot dictate to God or tell Him how He should bless you.

When you pray or ask Him for blessing, you have to do it with the mind of surrendering to His will.

Everybody who asks God for blessings will be blessed once they meet with the stipulated conditions, but there are some special blessings reserved for some people.

If that blessing is not yours, you cannot get it.

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6. Give God the Right Priority in Your Life.

The Bible says you are to love God with the whole of your heart, your mind, and your strength.

It means that God must be number one in the scheme of things in your life.

You are not to love any other thing, or person above God, not even your spouse , children, or self.

Abraham loved God so much that he was willing to sacrifice his only son Isaac to Him.

Not minding the fact that after receiving the promise from God at the age of 75 years, he had to wait for another 25 years before the promise was fulfilled.

Not minding the fact that, physically and biologically, he cannot possibly have any child again.

The result was that, God sworn by two immutable things by which He cannot lie that Abraham will forever be blessed.

God will not ask you to sacrifice your child, but He wants to see your obedience to him in all things, by doing that you will provoke his blessings.

That is how to receive God’s blessings.

7. Don’t Neglect to Use the Gifts and Talents He Gave You.

God gave everybody gifts or talents.

These are special abilities that we have above others, or in a different ways from others, through which we can benefit ourselves and others.

The Bible says the gift of a man will make way for him (Proverbs 18:16).

The use of your gifts can connect you to the blessings that God ordained for you.

Because Joseph could interprete dreams, he appeared before Pharaoh, and got fulfilment of his destiny.

Your gifts will advertise you, and open up opportunities for you.

Do not be like the servant that was given one gift who went and bury it (Matthew 25:14-30).

He got nothing but shame and suffering at the end.

8. Come Out of Your Comfort Zone.

How to receive God’s blessings can also be determined by your location or occupation.

If you are in the wrong location, or in the wrong job, among wrong people, God cannot help you except you come out.

God told Abraham to leave his people, and his country to a new location that he would show him, for him to be blessed.

Abraham obeyed (Genesis 12:1-9).

Sometimes where we are is not where God wants us to be, no matter what we do, what effort we are making, we cannot be blessed.

God only blesses what and who is in line with His will.

Pray to God to show you if you are in the wrong location, and where he wants you to be.

9. Pay Tithe.

Your tithe is the one-tenth of your income, wages, or salary.

You are to give this faithfully to God as He promised that He will opened the windows of heaven to pour down unimaginable blessings if we obey.

The bible calls anyone who does not do this a robber, who is robbing God (Malachi 3:8).

Surely God cannot bless such a person.

Some people believe that tithe payment is restricted to the Old Testament alone, but it is not stated like that in the bible.

If you believe that the whole of the Bible is God’s words, and that we are required to obey everything written there whether old or new, then you have to obey in the area of tithe payment.

10. Remember the Poor.

God allow the poor to be in our midst so that we can help them.

Whatever you have is not for you alone, you should reserve something no matter how small to the poor and the needy around you.

Don’t look down on them, reject them, and count them unfortunate, because you are not better than them, it is only because God had decided to show you mercy.

Jesus loves the poor, and as a matter of fact, he was accused of always being in their midst, eating, and relating more with them than the rich during his earthly ministry.

Remember them, and God will remember you too.

11. Give to God.

In the book of Hosea, God accused the children of Israel of neglecting his house, while struggling to labor in their farms and businesses.

They never prosper, because God cursed their labor.

As children of God, He is depending on us to finance His projects here on earth.

Whatever we have belongs to God, He gave them to us.

No man can have anything except it is given to Him from above.

We must realize this and give to God’s work, support missions and ministries, locally or internationally.

Remember that whatever you sow, you will reap, here on earth, and in the kingdom of God.

12. Be Diligent.

God blesses hard work, and hates laziness in all it’s ramifications.

When you work hard, you are set up for blessings.

Daniel was not only a faithful minister, but a hard working one too.

That was why his enemies could not find anything against him.

He eventually became the president over all the counselors, and served three kings in that position.

He that is diligent will not only know how to receive God’s blessings but will stand before kings.

position yourself to receive from God.

Why God is Not Blessing you.

You may follow any of the points mentioned above, and yet not receive God’s blessings.

The following may be the reasons.

1. You have not asked from God.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t wish to be blessed, that’s not how to receive God’s blessings, you ask for it.

No matter how obvious your needs may be to God He still wants you to ask.

When they brought blind Bartimaeus to Jesus, He asked him, “what do you want me to do for you.”

Jesus knew the blind man wanted his eyes to be opened, but He wants him to ask.

Ask and you shall receive.

2. Not Asking in Faith.

Faith is the number one thing that God requires from you when you want Him to bless you, without it you cannot get His attention.

Jesus will always ask people who needs his help in the Bible “Do you believe I can do this?” (Matthew 9:28).

Remember that God can see into your heart. He knows someone who has faith, and those who are calling Him in deceit.

It is written in the scriptures “your faith has made you whole.”

3. Asking with Wrong Motives.

God pays attention to your motives whenever you are asking Him for something.

He is concerned about the reason why you are making that request.

When the reason for your prayers or your needs does not agree with His plans for you, you can be sure that He will not answer you, no matter what efforts or time you have put into the prayers.

He stressed this a lot in James 4:3-4.

friendship with the world is enmity with God.

4. When you Have Unconfessed Sins.

If I have iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me (Psalm 66:18).

That is clear enough to understand, God does not hear prayers that come from a sinner except prayers of repentance.

Out of His great mercy He might decide to do it once in a while, but you cannot depend on that because doing that also translate to opportunity for repentance.

Apostle Paul said, we cannot remain in sin and pray that grace should abound. He concluded by saying, God forbid.

If you are not ready to confess and forsake your sins, don’t border to pray because God will not hear you.

5. When God’s Timing is Different.

God has His own timing in the scheme of things. Your prayers cannot change that.

It does not matter how long you pray, God will do what He wants to do at His own appointed time.

He promised the coming of Jesus right from Genesis 3:15, immediately after Adam and Eve sinned.

One would think Jesus will appear not too long from that time, but it took thousands of years before what He said came to pass.

Many things happened that would have prompted God to ditch His plan and quickly bring Jesus to the scene, but God was not moved.

You need to understand this about God and find out from Him whether it is time for what you are asking for or not.

6. When you Are Not Persistence.

Prayer of persistence will hardly go unanswered. Daniel used it to get answers to his prayer after praying for twenty-one days (Daniel 10:13).

Jesus illustrated this also in Luke 18:1, and said God will hear his own children who call upon him day and night speedily.

Whatever you want God to do for you keep asking Him until you get it.

7. Praying Outside His Will.

God will not answer you if what you are praying for is not what He has ordained for you.

David had a burning desire to build a Temple for God (1Chronicle 22:7). A good plan indeed, but God told him that what he wanted to do was not for him, and that He had ordained his son to do it.

Paul wanted to preach in Asia (Acts 16:6), a place that has not been reached with the gospel of Christ at that time, but God forbade him from doing it and directed him to Macedonia instead.

Don’t waste your time asking for what is not His will for you, He will not change His mind because you prayed.

8. You failed to Forgive Others.

The sin of unforgiveness is a great one before God. Jesus said, when we fail to forgive others, God will not forgive us (Matthew 6:14-15).

When God has not forgiven you, He cannot answer your prayers, because it means you have not obtain His mercy.

You have to focus on doing those things that are required by God for your prayers to be answered, while you avoid those things that hinder answers to prayers.

That is how to receive God’s blessings.

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  1. Thank you for such a deep explanation of God’s Word on Prayer with scripture. I will put this word in my mind and heart and follow his will and way. God bless you.🙏

  2. This has a lot of “God wil do x” etc. in it, and it also has a lot of “You!” in it. Jesus laid down his life that we could be saved; if God was willing to give his own Son… We’re worth a lot to God, he cares, he loves us.
    We’re not under Law but Grace right now; all sins are forgiven at the moment of salvation. Therefore, confessing your sins to the Lord, and to others, is conditionally good. In the first case, very good; talking to God about your short comings is likely to lead you to have less short comings. He is very good, after all. Telling someone else about it? Well… That’s the conditional part.
    I see some good in this article, but it also pushes tithing, which was done away with long, long, long ago when the temple was destroyed in 70AD. It is a practice under the Law, rather than under the current covenant, the new one, in the Lord.

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