How To Pray With Bible Verses And Get Results

Knowing how to pray with bible verses will go a long way to transform your prayer life.

It will help you to pray prayers that are answered quickly.

Here you will learn the following:

  1. What to say when Praying.
  2. Examples of Praying the scriptures.
  3. Scriptures to use when praying.
  4. How to use bible verses.
  5. Conditions for Answered prayers.

Prayer is a very important part of the Christian life.

It basically means communing with God.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:17. The Bible encourages us to pray without ceasing.

Meaning that prayer is even more important than the food we eat and the water that we drink.

What Do You Say When Praying

One of the major challenges you will face when praying is what to say in prayers.

Maybe you have a serious issues you want to pray about, and you want God to answer speedily, how do you present your requests?

You might have heard of some men of God who spend hours and days in prayers, and you wondered how they could sustain the prayers that long.

In Matthew 4:2, we read that Jesus fasted for 40 days and night as he was about to start his earthly ministry.

Jesus fasting praying with bible.verses

What were the contents of his prayers?

What is The Most Powerful Prayer In The Bible

Many prayers were recorded in the bible, made by notable men and women of God.

Some very spectacular ones are:

  • Elijah called down fire from heaven. I Kings 18:36-38.
  • Joshua prevented the sun from setting for a whole night Joshua. 10:12-13.
  • Moses pronounced judgement on the rebels, and the ground opened up and swallowed them. Numbers 16:28-31.
  • Peter called a dead woman back to life. Acts 9:39-40.

And so on.

All of these are really powerful, because they made very great impact upon the people that got involved in them.

We can also talk about the prayers of Jesus Christ as being powerful.

As a matter of fact, he said that he never prayed without getting an answer. John 11:41-42.

One thing that characterizes some of these powerful prayers is that they followed God declared words.

Some of them are reminders, which those who prayed sent back to God to act on their behalf.

Those who prayed picked what God said in the past, and use it to confront the situation they were facing.

This works better when the situation is a direct contradiction to God’s words.

The prayer will work like a charm.

Examples of Praying The Scriptures

These will encourage us not only to know how to pray with bible verses, but to actually start using those verses to pray.

  1. Acts 4:23-31. The disciples were forbidden to preach in the name of Jesus.

The council of religious leaders that arrested them threaten them with serious punishment and death should they refuse to stop spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When they got back to their own, they told them about this, and they all lifted their voices and cried to God.

They actually reported this threat, and those behind it to God by quoting from psalm 2.

Psalm 2 and how to pray with bible verses.

The result was that, the house where they prayed started shaking as if there was an earthquake.

The power of the Holy Ghost came upon them afresh, and instead of them to stop preaching, they continued with more power.

  1. Matthew 27:46. When Jesus carried the sins of humanity upon himself on the cross, God had to forsake him because his eyes are too pure to behold sins.

That being the first time when there will be a separation between father and son made Jesus to cry in prayer, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me.”

In doing that, Jesus quoted the prayer David prayed in Psalm 22:1.

The result was that, as terrible as the situation was, Jesus was able to endure the pains and the shame of the cross, and got victory for man.

  1. Daniel 9. Daniel discovered the prophecies of prophet Jeremiah which contains among other things, the time the children of Israel will spend in the captivity of the land of Babylon.

He got to know through the book he discovered that the 70 years time has elapsed, hence he launched into prayers and fasting.

He quoted from the prophecies and reminded God of his promises, even though he acknowledged that they have sinned against God, and that their captivity was justified.

The result was that; God first answered his prayers in a miraculous way by dislodging the Prince of Persia who wants to prevent Daniel from receiving the answers.

That took Daniel 21 days to achieve.

God thereafter launched him into a series of revelations of the end times which extended to the very end of the world.

Can you see the power of praying with bible verses?

Though the occurrences of praying the word of God back to God as recorded here are not many in the Bible, the few that we can see give us a pattern that we can follow.

Scriptures To Use When Praying

All scriptures are written through the inspiration of God (2 Timothy 3:16), hence you can pick any of them that is applicable to your situation to try out how to pray with bible verses.

The words of God as stated in the Bible are the things that God wants us to do to please him.

When we pray them back to him, we are telling him that we want to do them and that he should help us. Hence, we must know how to pray with bible verses.

This is praying according to the will of God. There is no way you can pray like that and pray wrongly.

Dr Kenneth Haggin of blessed memory talked about the Pauline prayers as scriptural prayers every believer should pray, to catch God’s revelations of our new life, and the benefits it holds for us.

These are prayers that Paul the Apostle prayed for Christians in churches that he wrote letters to.

They include:
The Ephesians Eph. 1:17-21
The Philippians Phil. 1:9-11
The Colossians Col. 1:9-14.

He said we can confess these scriptures and personalize them to make them applicable to our lives.

According to him, anyone who engages in this for at least a period of 6 months, confessing these scriptures daily, such a person’s life will never remain the same.

How To Pray With Bible Verses Step By Step

Except you know how to use bible verses to pray, you may not benefit much from them in the context of what is been discussed in this article.

You can follow the steps below

  1. Believe in the scriptures.
    Are you sure that the word of God holds the solution to your problems? Do you believe that those words are for you?

Your faith must hold to the word of God before it can actually bless you.

The Bible says all things are possible to them that believe, hence you must believe.

Those who prayed the scriptures in the Bible are limited in terms of the scriptures they are exposed to.

Now we have thousands of verses that address different areas of our lives, hence there is no situation that you find yourself that you will not be able to find at least a verse of the Bible to use for that situation.

  1. Look for scriptural verses that has to do with your situation.

If you have issues about healing, look for healing scriptures, especially promises made by God, and places where Jesus healed people.

The key points here is that you will not even need all the healing scriptures that you find.

Having identified the Bible verse you need, the next thing you would need to do is to meditate on the verse.

Somehow, you will discover one that catches your attention, one that speaks to you directly among all the others.

That is the one that the Holy Spirit wants to use to bless you. That is the one you need.

  1. Meditate on the Bible verse.

Meditation is the art of on pondering on the word of God.

That is the only way you can get the full message the verse has to offer you.

It will open your eyes and make you to see the deeper meaning of that particular passage.

You can write down those things that you are able to get during the process of meditation.

  1. Turn it to prayers.
    Begin to pray out the verse and those things you got in the process of meditation.

Look at the example of scriptural prayers we have on our bible verses about trusting God in Difficult Times pages.

They are all taken from each of the verses listed on the page.

Sometimes you can just read the passages to yourself aloud, while you make sure that you personalize the scriptures and make your faith hold unto every word you are speaking.

  1. Keep confessing the words.

Sometimes, getting an answer to a prayer is not immediate. This is because answers to prayers are based upon God’s mercy.

Daniel did not receive an answer to his prayer until he waited for 21 days.

If the answer to your prayers does not come immediately do not relent, keep confessing and praying the word.

The truth of the matter is that the word of God is settled in heaven, nothing can change it here on earth.

As you keep repeating it to yourself you are building your faith upon the words, and eventually you will get an answer.

Conditions for Answered Prayers

It is not all prayers that God answers, only those who are prayed according to his established rules.

You must know these rules and follow it strictly, otherwise you may see prayer as a burden and not a blessed channel of receiving divine attention and blessings.

  1. Be Born Again
    When you are born again you become a child of God, and God is under obligation to answer you when you pray.

The way you respond to the requests of your children at home is the same way God will respond to you.

If you are not born again, you have no right to call God father, and he has no right to answer you.

If he does it at all, it will be out of mercy

  1. Live a holy life
    To live holy basically means living in obedience to God’s will.

God does not answer the prayers of sinners except prayer for mercy.

You cannot hide your activities from God. Whatever you have done in the secret he knows, even those things that you will yet do, he knows.

He knows you more than you know yourself. Psalm 139.

He knows whose prayers he should answer.

  1. Have faith.
    In prayer and in your relationship with God faith is very important.

God is a spirit being that you cannot see physically. The only way to relate with him is just by faith.

He said; the just shall live by faith. Habakkuk 2:4

He also said, blessed are those who have not seen, yet they believe. John 26:29.

In the kingdom of God believing is seeing, which is in total contrast to happenings in the physical realm that is based upon, seeing is believing.

Not only should you believe, you must not doubt or waiver in your faith.

You have to keep believing until you get your heart desires.

  1. Bear fruits.
    To bear fruits means to win more souls into the kingdom of God.

This is very important to God, as he is doing everything possible to save as many people as would be possible to save from the eternal damnation of hell.

He has committed this duty to everyone that belongs to him.

How do you win souls into the kingdom of God? By witnessing for Christ.

If you have given your life to Christ, you should be able to tell others what Jesus has done for you, that is what winning souls is all about.

You are just to tell them. Don’t border about how and when they will be saved. That is for God to decide.

When you do this, you have paved the way for answered prayers.

Please note that fulfilling these four fundamental conditions are as important as knowing how to pray with bible verses, if not even more.

When you combine the two together your prayers becomes unstoppable, and you get results fast.

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